18th Century and Napoleonic

We produce a wide range and variety of Uniforms and Equipment this period.

Shown here are examples of what we can do.   The information is not exhaustive and if you do not see what you require pleas contact us. If we do not have any pictures in our archives we will endeavour to research the item in question


On the left is an 18th Hussar Officer complete with full horse equipment

On the right is an Officer of the 1er Chasseurs a Cheval, similarly accoutred


These are just a selection of the items that we make. Please enquire further if you have a specific requirement.

British Napoleonic Equipment

11th Foot Officers Jacket 1815

11th Foot Officers Jacket Rear

11th Foot Grenadiers Jacket 1815

11th Foot Grenadiers jacket 1815 Rear

15th Hussars Officers Dolman

15th Hussars Officers Dolman Rear

15th Hussars Officers Pelisse

15th Hussars Soldiers Dolman

Light Cavalry Shakos and Cords

Light cavalry Shako 16th LD

Light Cavalry Officers Tarleton

Hussar Fur Caps and Cords


Cavalry overalls which can be made up for any regiment and with any colour stripes. Leather inserts can be black or brown


Gentlemans Civilian Jacket

Gentlemans Civilian Jacket Rear

US Midshipmans Jacket

3rd Dragoons Officers Jacket

Tricorn Hat - Can be embellished

Officers forage Cap


Light Cavalry Girdle

French Napoleonic Equipment

Fuziliers Habit Rear

Fuziliers Habit

Voltigeur Habit

Voltigeur Habit Rear

Chasseurs a Cheval Dolman

Chasseurs a Cheval Waistcoat

Chasseurs a Cheval Dolman Rear

10eme Hussards Dolman

10eme Hussards Bonnet

10eme Hussards Sabretache

10eme Hussards Dolman Rear



 Horse Equipment

Officers bridle with decorative shells and frills

British Heavy Cavalry Bridle with Curb and T bar Bridoon

British Light Cavalry Soldiers Bridle

French Light Cavalry Soldiers Bridle

French Light Cavalry Officers Bridle

French Officers Light cavalry Bridle

Crupper with cowrie shells and frills