Medieval Equipment

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If you give us the task we will endeavour to obtain a pattern or use yours to reproduce an item to your specification.  Price will depend upon the research required and the complexity of the job.

Saddle covers can be made which make a normal saddle look like a medieval or English Civil War Saddle. For pictures of Saddle Covers please go to the English Civil War Page. Price is £180

Bridles and Harness

The pictures are of a bridle suitable for medieval use, in red leather and a breastplate to match.

Bridle price from £150 including one rein but not the bit. The Breastplate price is from £60 dependant upon fittings to the saddle








med harness

This picture shows the remainder of the harness including the crupper.  The price is from £150 and Stirrup Leathers are £ 80 per pair



Example of the equipment together as a set. Blue Bridle, Breastplate and Saddle Cover. Matching personal equipment also helps to produce an extremely pleasing result


The saddle is not included in these prices, nor is the horse, the bit or the stirrup irons