Napoleonic and 18th Century Uniforms and Equipment

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Because of the wide range and variety of Uniforms and Equipment that we make for this period it has been necessary to split the information between four web pages. The other web pages, links to which are on the left are British Napoleonic, French Napoleonic, Horse Equipment and a Price list

The information is not exhaustive and if you do not see what you require pleas contact us. If we do not have any pictures in our archives we will endeavour to research the item in question


On the left is an 18th Hussar Officer complete with full horse equipment

On the right is an Officer of the 1er Chasseurs a Cheval, similarly accoutred

As well as Napoleonic we make 18th Century Uniforms and Equipment. This Jacket is an example as is the Guards equipment below which was made for a museum in Belgium 1786 1786 US Midshipmans Jacket
gds 1790 Coldstream Guardsman in full kit, front and rear views gds