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We have introduced a new range of buckles and buttons for retail sale.  The current selection is small but has items which are not easily obtainable at the price.  It is our intention to expand the range as demand grows.


RHA Badge for Tarleton Helmets in cast Brass 4" High £30




Nickle Plated half ball buttons.  Because of the high cost of metal, such buttons are not being made.  These are of a high performance plastic and then plated. They last for years. Available in 1/2" at £0.17 each. Available in gilt at £0.26 each.


Wooden 2 hole buttons at 22mm (7/8")
£0.26 each and 16mm (5/8") £0.16 each These are useful for many historical periods, particularly for braces and breeches

Plated full ball buttons.  Similar to the half ball. Available in 5/8" at £ 0.35 each.

For your French Bridles - Officers Croissant in cast brass at £15 and Soldiers cut from Brass Plate at £8

British Brass tongue 2 1/2"

French Brass tongues for the end your straps with bolt fittings 2 1/2" at £12 and 1 3/4" at £10


Brass buckles as used for cross belts 2 1/4".  High quality brass made in the UK  £6.00 each


Curb bit suit 16th to 19th Century 5" One only left in stock

Heart for French Breastplate for Regts designated "1" £10

Chunky Nickle Plated 2" buckle £4.50