The Cavalry Workshop

Period Uniforms, Tack and Equipment for Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery are made in our own workshops to any specification or to drawings, paintings and diagrams that give the details as fully as possible

Items are made in English leather and are mainly hand stitched . They can be made to any size desired, and can be made to measure to fit yourself or your horse

12 Lancers 1820 Officers Sabretache and Sabre Belt

The list is constantly being updated and new or amended items added. Any item can be made up in leather, canvas or cloth, providing a pattern or drawing is produced.

All the designs have been thoroughly researched and are copies, or close representations of the equipment of the particular period. They are made using modern, safe techniques which in some cases may override historical detail

Examples of what we do are: 

Uniforms for most periods.  Saddlery from Norman to WW1. Specialist items such as horseshoe pouches and lance buckets.

Cloth items such as shabraques and portmanteau.

Equestrian and other leather work.  Harness and Bridles in different coloured leather can be made to order, to suit the period from Roman to Victorian.

A selection of original military equipment such as Universal Pattern saddles and Bits. If the item you require is not in stock we can try to source it or make a copy.

Roman harness made by us has been featured in much BBC and Film work, and uniforms and tack has been specially made for Museums.

A selection of standard prices is included with each period page, but these may be modified dependent upon what is required, for instance special buttons, lace or special material.