Napoleonic Prices

This is a list of current prices which are a guide only

Please contact us for an up to date price.  The list is not exhaustive so if you need anything not on the list please contact us for a price.

Prices are subject to change if a different design or material is required.

All prices are in pounds sterling

BritishLight Dragoon Jacket 1810 - 1815350BritishBaldrick Type Sword Belt70
Light Dragoon Dolman395Br Lt Coy Offrs Shoulder Belt80
Lt Dragoon Offrs Dolman750Pistol Holster RHA incl Strap135
Hussar Dolman420RHA C Box and Strap135
Officers Breeches200Bridle Assy Hy Cav200
Soldiers Pelisse450*Bridle Assy Lt Cav240
Officers Pelisse650C Box and Strap145
Offrs Jacket Inf dress500*Carbine Strap50
Offrs Jacket Inf field450*Sword Knot 30
Infantry Jackers340**Telescope Case75
Soldiers Trousers Grey180Surcingle full95
Hy Cav pre 1812 Offrs Jacket400*****Surcingle 60
ADC Jacket/ Civ coat220Sheepskin Lt Cav 90
Boot Tops, Offrs Gold, Tassels55Hy Cav Saddle Cloth Offrs160****
Cloak250Hy Cav Saddle Cloth ORs90****
Fur Cap160Shabraque160
Fur Cap Cords 40
Cavalry Shako140FrenchCrossbelt Sabre Briquet (NCOs)60
Hy Dr Helmet Bottom/Peak150French Cart Box only125
Hy Dr Jacket300Bridle Assy Lt Cav 250
Hy Dr Overalls220*Lunge FR (flexible)20
Offrs Jacket Inf BR500Cart Box, Strap, Carbine strap185
RHA Officers Pelisse550Sheepskin Lt Cav 200
RHA Officers Dolman500Surcingle 120
RHA Officers Overalls220Sword Knot 35
British Cavalry Shakos140***
Tarleton (Goatskin)450CommonBreastplate80
Tarleton Officers550Baldrick Type Sword Belt70
Watering Cap40Bread Bag30
Plain Waistcoat (Melton) 15H100Carbine Swivel50
LD/Hussar Stable Jacket180Stirrup Leathers Plain60
Leathers Mil c/w brass Buckles65
French45eme Habit340Pistol Holster Covers 30****
Capote320Pistol Holsters pr160
Colpack220Pistol Holster85
French Bonnet55P'manteau/Valise Straps each 14
French Breeches180PortmanteauValise Full95
French Dolman420Portmanteau/Valise Basic55
French Pelisse450Sabre Belt 3H 3 ring130
French Waistcoat incl lacing200Sabre Belt Br 2 ring110
French Shakos CW Cords180Sabretache90
Gaiters50Sabretache & Belt200
*not incl lacing and buttons
CommonOveralls no inserts180**not incl epaulettes
Overalls220***not incl badges, side and front
Shirts90****Not incl badges
White Knee Breeches90*****not incl buttons
White breeches140
White Breeches (Melton)130
White Waistcoat laced200
Plain Waistcoat (Melton)85
White Waistcoat65