Solent Saddlery

Manufacture and Repair

We offer a manufacture and repair facility for most equestrian items and miscellaneous such as belts and handbags. Listed are some examples of prices but mutch will depend upon the item required or for repair.

  • Made to Measure Leather Bridles, Martingales, Girths of all types, Headcollars, Rollers and other General items.

  • Repairs to all equestrian leatherwork.

  • Made to measure chaps, real sheepskin numnahs (not wool) and seat savers made in our workshops, thus giving a good tailored fit.

  • Saddle repair service including, girth straps and general stitching.


Listed below are examples of some of our prices, plus pics of bridles that we make

New made to measure Snaffle Bridle, plain, including reins - £220
(addition costs for flash straps, non standard reins, etc)

Stirrup Leathers, pair Adults at - £60, Childs at £55

Lead Rein with Brass Chain - £50

Restitch Stirrup Leathers 3 rows - £14 per pair, 2 rows £12 per pair


Recover Rubber Grip Reins - £35 per pair

Strip Saddle and replace Flocking - £ 80 plus costs of visits

New Girth Straps - £12 each (+ £20 to remove panel if necessary)

Adjust fit of Flair "Ride on Air" fitted saddle - £60 plus visit fee


Flair "ride on air" qualified fitter and installer.  Replace your flocking with air for a better and more natural ride. Both you and your horse will benefit