the repair and manufacturing service for a wide selection of equestrian and other leatherwork

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Other General leatherwork repairs such as handbags, shooting sticks, leather jackets and belts.

flairFlair "ride on air" qualified fitter and installer. Replace your flocking with air for a better and more natural ride.  Both you and your horse will benefit

Listed below are examples of some of our prices

New made to measure Snaffle Bridle, plain, including reins - £220
 (addition costs for flash straps, non standard reins, etc)
Stirrup Leathers, pair  Adults at - £60, Childs at £55
Lead Rein with Brass Chain - £50    
Restitch Stirrup Leathers 3 rows - £14 per pair, 2 rows £12 per pair
Recover Rubber Grip Reins - £35 per pair
Strip Saddle and replace Flocking - £ 80 plus costs of visits
New Girth Straps - £12 each (+ £20 to remove panel if necessary)
Adjust fit of Flair "Ride on Air" fitted saddle - £40 plus visit fee