Victorian Prices

This is a list of current estimated prices. It is not exhaustive so if you need anything not on the list please contact us for a price.

Please contact us for an up to date price on an item

Prices are subject to change if a different design or material is required.

1854 Crimea   Late Victorian  
11Hussar Officers Dolman£850Soldiers Jackets£320
Lancer Jacket Soldiers£340Breeches£190
Lancer Grey Overalls£200Stable Jackets£200
Hussar Jacket Soldiers£350Pillbox Hat, Soldiers, Plain£45
11th Hussar Overalls£240Pillbox Hat, Soldiers, Ornamented£55
Bridle Assembly including Reins£290Pillbox Hat, Ornamented, Officers£65
Breastplate£80Valise Plain£65
Surcingle£60Valise Straps, each£12
Pistol Holsters pr, including straps£150
Barrelled Sash (depending upon pattern)£150
Stirrup Leathers£80
Sword Belt 2 ring, no Sabretache£100
Sword Knot£30
Cartridge Box and Belt - Lancer£150
Cartridge Box and Belt - Hussar£145
Swivel for same£50
Officers Dolman, From£550
Frock Coat£100
Lance buckets£80
Lancer Czapka Cords with acorns£45
Officers Busby£200
Soldiers Busby£160